Fantasy Dinner Guests with Helen McVeigh – episode notes.

Well, I’ve been thinking about this format for a while. So I hope you enjoyed the episode. Please rate/review if you can.

The episode.

My guest.

You can find Helen’s on her website H.M. Classics Academy or on twitter (@ClassicsAcademy). If you fancy giving this a go then feel free to contact me (email on this site or via my twitter).

Book recommendations (possible spoilers).

Country by Michael Hughes
Here, The World Entire by Anwen Kya Hayward
Medusa by Rosie Hewlett
Medusa, the Girl behindΒ the Myth by Jessie Burton
If Not, Winter (Fragments of Sappho) by Anne Carson
In addition:
Two Novels from Ancient Greece: Chariton’s Callirhoe and Xenophon of Ephesos’ An Ephesian Story: Anthia and Habrocomes by Stephen M, Trzaskoma


Helen of Troy by Bettany Hughes