School visit.

For the last 9 years (with one exception due to Covid) I have visited a school in Brighton to help with their topic on the Romans. The Year 3s (8 year olds) are the group I work with and initially it’s an overview of what a Roman soldier would wear and hold with an hour spent with two classes after.

The questions are always a highlight.


The session with each class gives the chance for the kids to try on some kit and hold a weapon or two. It can be tricky navigating the nasty business of soldiery. Roman soldiers weren’t a pleasant bunch, so I try to talk more about the building they did and the toilets. Toilets are a winning subject with 8 year olds.

As many of the older kids at the school have had their turn it’s quite touching when a few of them come up and say hi. I got one wonderful piece of feedback, that when the kids do their review in year 6 they often cite the Roman soldier who who visited as a highlight. What makes the trip even better is the teachers who get some support. I’m told that the trip often gives the kids a taste for the subject and this is used to support Roman themes maths and English exercises. Clever bunch those teachers.

(photos cleared for use by the school)