Halloween Pumpkin 2022!

This year I used a design from a 6th century Greek vase for my pumpkin. You can read about it here. Here’s the original image from the Francois Vase. Here are some pics!     Here’s a video about it. What do you think? Let me know.

The #NightofTheLivyDead podcast series. Halloween and horror in antiquity.

Long time listeners to the Ancient History Hound podcast may recall that each year I do a Halloween episode. Finding scary content from antiquity isn’t initially difficult, though once you’ve got past a couple of spooky stories and the whole werewolves in Arcadia bit then it does become a bit more challenging. I thought I’d …

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School visit.

For the last 9 years (with one exception due to Covid) I have visited a school in Brighton to help with their topic on the Romans. The Year 3s (8 year olds) are the group I work with and initially it’s an overview of what a Roman soldier would wear and hold with an hour …

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Isis in Pompeii.

The below image is a bit of a curious one. Halloween fancy dress or lycanthrope in casual attire? The answer is less fun but much more revealing, it’s a priest of official wearing a mask of Anubis. This jackal-headed deity belonged to the Egyptian pantheon, but this fresco was found far from the shores of …

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The Pompeii page.

As I’ve created a few podcasts and an article on Pompeii I thought I’d put these on one page along with the sources I have used. Podcasts. The original podcast I did focuses on the history of Pompeii, how it developed and what it was when disaster struck. Pompeii wasn’t a city Rome founded or …

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