Kings of Rome, podcast miniseries.

As the saying goes, Rome wasn’t built in a day and this certainly applies to its political development. Originally Rome was ruled by 7 mythical Kings. In this series of podcasts I discuss each of them, starting with the foundation myth itself.

Find each episode and a brief outline below.

The Foundation Myth.

Rome’s beginnings are confusing, bloody and involve political treachery. Who’d have guessed? I cover how the sources handled the Aeneas myth and how Romulus and Remus came into the scene. There’s more than one foundation myth and possibly more than one founding King. I finish with the highly implausible story of how Romulus left Rome.

Numa Pompilius.

Numa was credited with much of Rome’s religious infrastructure, from the use of lighting to the Vestal Virgins. To what extent was this the case, did he really talk to the gods, or was it a very clever act?

Tullus Hostilius.

In contrast with Numa this king was all about warfare, you can’t take the hostile out of Hostilius. Famous for an act of savagery which the sources found barbaric it ended in, well, listen and you’ll find out.

Ancus Marcius.

This king’s rise is wrapped up in a murder mystery plot. Ancus was associated with the construction of some notable buildings in and outside of Rome. Did he really build them?

Lucius Tarquinius Priscus.

If Rome was the land of opportunity then Lucius is the poster boy. He began the line of Etruscan Kings and is associated with bringing the toga and other traditional Roman elements. He’s the king with the first real backstory of any substance and bring with him Tanaquil. One of the iconic women of ancient Rome.

Servius Tullius.

Servius has one of the more bizarre backstories and his rise is entwined with the previous king. The reforms named after him were later championed, but were they really as the sources say they were? His literal fall from power sets the scene for Rome’s final king.

Tarquinius Superbus.

There’s seven kings for a reason and Tarquinius’ expulsion from Rome midwifes the Republic into existence. Its his reign where we find Brutus and other famous Romans stepping into the limelight. In this episode I examine what the Republic did and how he challenged it. As you’ll hear, his expulsion from Rome was from the end of things.

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