The Saturnalia

The Saturnalia was a festival which began around the 17th of December, many of its elements (partying and gifts) have been linked to events of December in the modern day. But what went on exactly? Origins. The main character involved in all of this was the god Saturn, primarily an agricultural deity, but with one …

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The hills of Rome.

Rome has always been associated with seven hills and a visitor today is somewhat detached from just how prominent the hills were. In the mythical foundation it was the hills upon which Romulus and Remus competed in augury to see who would put their name to the city. Romulus took the Palatine and Remus the …

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The Saturnalia – podcast.

Happy Saturnalia! If you wanted to hear how the Saturnalia came to be, what happened and possibly the worst outcome from karaoke then check out the Ancient History Hound podcast episode on it. The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher and all good platforms. Here’s the episode itself: