The Pompeii page.

As I’ve created a few podcasts and an article on Pompeii I thought I’d put these on one page along with the sources I have used. Podcasts. The original podcast I did focuses on the history of Pompeii, how it developed and what it was when disaster struck. Pompeii wasn’t a city Rome founded or …

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Lucius Tarquinius Priscus – a short video.

If you weren’t aware I have a TikTok channel and have been posting content on there for a while. I’ve had a Youtube channel longer and have been uploading compilations to it. Anyway – here’s a short overview of Rome’s mythical 5th King. Hope you enjoy it!  

The Battle of Lake Trasimene – episode notes and transcription.

I hope the below helps with the episode. Here’s the episode in case you wanted to listen, the transcription is at the bottom. Maps. Hannibal started out near modern day Bologna (red pin), crossing the Apennines he arrived near Pistoia (yellow pin). Next was the march through a flooded landscape before arriving on dry land. …

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The Saturnalia

The Saturnalia was a festival which began around the 17th of December, many of its elements (partying and gifts) have been linked to events of December in the modern day. But what went on exactly? Origins. The main character involved in all of this was the god Saturn, primarily an agricultural deity, but with one …

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