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Fantasy Dinner Guests with Helen McVeigh – episode notes.

Well, I’ve been thinking about this format for a while. So I hope you enjoyed the episode. Please rate/review if you can. The episode. My guest. You can find Helen’s on her website H.M. Classics Academy or on twitter (@ClassicsAcademy). If you fancy giving this a go then feel free to contact me (email on …

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Greek Mythical Monsters Map!

Came across this poster which features Greek mythical monsters by their rumoured location. It’s by Neil Parkinson and you can get a copy on his etsy shop. I’ve already ordered mine, as I work from home it’ll sit above my desk and give me something different to look at. Excellent work!        

Epic Gamers.

In my recent Olympics in Ancient Greece podcast I included a few choice, albeit bizarre, sporting moments. These weren’t the only ones I came across whilst researching the topic. Here then are some reports of athletes at the Olympics (and other games) which Pausanias described in Book 6 of his Guide to Greece (Elis). Taking …

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