Hi there and thanks for visiting my blog and reading this section which is possibly least visited part of any site.

My love of Ancient History started with Greek myths and watching the Ray Harryhausen films (Jason and the Argonauts etc). I studied it at Uni and did an MA in it as well. Needless to say it’s had zero traction in the real world so I tried to find ways to keep the embers of the subject burning.

Initially I started on Twitter, before creating a blog on tumblr and even a Youtube Channel. More recently I’ve upgraded from a blog into a website, which is really a fancier blog, but it’s nice to have .com after your name. It’s definitely what Cicero would have done.

It doesn’t stop there – I have also got my own podcast, all about ancient history. Ancient History Hound has been going for several years and it’s been a real learning curve not only in the technicalities of editing, recording and producing but also in how to create something which people want to listen to. You can find it on most platforms and the links on the front page – there’s even a section where you can check out the latest episode.

My aim in all of this is to continue my love in with what is a fascinating period in time and create something worth reading, watching or listening. I try and make the content accessible to everyone, you might someone who has never really encountered this area of history before or you may be a seasoned veteran on the subject. I genuinely hope you go away with a positive feeling about it all.

I am aware that this is beginning to sound like one of those Oscar acceptance speeches which becomes a meme. So I’ll leave you be. If you want to say hello, leave a comment. Oh, you can email me as well, ancientblogger@hotmail.com. Or come say hi on twitter @ancientblogger

Keep safe

Ancient Blogger