Here today, bacon tomorrow. A pig’s tombstone.

Those more familiar with my blog may notice a pattern of the more bizarre and unusual topics or objects from antiquity appearing here. So this continues with a stele found in Edessa in Macedonia and dating to the Hellenistic period (though some point to a Roman date). The exact time this piece appeared is perhaps less important than the theme. 

The stele contains the normal style of having a narrative to the deceased, in this case the pig can be seen leading the way in front of the cart and later, sadly, under the wheels of it. This presumably is how it died. It was obviously a good friend to the merchant or driver as he even had an inscription dedicated to it.

Here’s a translation of the inscription (courtesy of Wikipedia):

 A pig, friend to everybody

a young four-footed one

here I lay, having left

behind, the land of Dalmatia

,as an offered gift,

at Dyrrachion I walked

Apollonia yearning

and all the road I crossed

on foot alone steadily.

But by the force of a wheel

I have now lost the light

longing to see Emathia

and the Phallic chariot

Here now I lie, owing

nothing to death anymore

 It seems in this case Babe never made it to the City.